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Sleeping Better For Ab Development

Posted by afterburnfuel on December 5, 2014 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

A recent study by shows a majority of Americans are not getting enough sleep. Maybe it's the holiday season upon us or the stress of everyday life that is causing adults to shun away from a proper 8 hours sleep.  While nutrition plays a major factor in muscle growth and sleep loss, it's sometimes the basic sleep that keeps us from attaining our goals.

When I was a physical trainer in the service, I often tried to find as many variables that might cause my clients to decrease their gains and development.  Almost all of them were on some sort of supplement, yet lacked the required number of hours to sleep per night. Most health websites recommend 8 hours while a new method of thought recommends more than 9.  Either way, we need more sleep to keep an adequate supply of melatonin in our systems. 

Fitness Assessment Qualifications

Posted by afterburnfuel on October 22, 2013 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)

The results from fitness assessments enable you to identify strengths and weaknesses and set realistic and attainable goals. Losing pounds and dress sizes is a bonus but should not be the ultimiate goal. There are a multiple fitness classes online with educational backgrounds that include most fad diets and ab routines. Becoming certified trainer is the first step in being recognized as a qualified instructor. Be sure to pick at least a few movements in one or more of the to build up gradually in both mass and height. I know that whenpeople incorporate exercise and a healthy meal plan into their daily lives, they instantly become more happy and confident.

There will be a full rental charge for non-returned equipment not submitted up on the sixpackshortcuts rental expections set forth in the member contract. Each workout includes step-by-step tutorial and instructions for every and each exercise. Group personal training is an affordable option for those wanting to reserve a trainer for an extended amount of time. The classes offer flexibility and relaxing atmosphere for beginners to embark on their fitness journey. Select one or more workouts programs or fitness guides you’d like to begin and get started. It's totally possible to lose up to a half a gallon of water during an high-intensity cardio session through sweating. Also available is a full service water gym, pool and weight room. Walking is a great way to increase your physical well-being in an affordable way because it's free and easy to do with friends.

Some people may prefer to take it easy most of the program and others may try to turn it into a high-cardio workout that could lessen the effects of isolated muscles. Explanations of different plans and diets, such as how to lose weight while on a gluten-free diet are just a few ways to help you obtain your goal.

Better Health Through Healthy Posture

Posted by afterburnfuel on August 24, 2013 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Found this over at sixpackshortcuts. Grab just one dumbbell. Lie on your back, flat on the floor. To work the right side, dig the heel into the floor or elevated surface. Place the dumbbell across your pelvis on the front of your hips. Lift your hips slightly as you bring the left leg straight up, heel facing the ceiling. Now thrust the hip up, squeezing the glutes as you push the left heel toward the ceiling. Come back to the starting position. That’s one rep.

Grab a pair of dumbbells. This exercise requires you to use lighter weights than normal. Stand straight up, abs tight. Raise the dumbbells directly over the top of your head. Palms facing forward. Touch the heads of both dumbbells together. This is the starting position. Slowly lower the dumbbells simultaneously until both arms are parallel to the floor. Keep a slight bend in your elbows during the whole motion. Then raise the weights back up to the top position and squeeze your traps. This is a slow and controlled motion. Not explosive.

Grab a pair of dumbbells. Let your arms hang down by your side with your elbows loose, not locked. For hammer curls, turn your palms inward so they face each other. Lift the dumbbells, slowing until the weights reach your shoulders and keeping your wrists locked in position. Your arms and elbows must stay tight against your sides throughout the exercise. Lower the dumb- bells slowly and fully extend your arms back to the starting position. Maintain a straight back. Your arms must be the only muscles working during the exercise to properly isolate the biceps. Don't forget to visit our other user reviews. 

Yoga and Migraine Headaches

Posted by afterburnfuel on August 2, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Yoga is an ancient practice which began and was developed in India over five thousand. years ago. Yoga is derived from an ancient Sanskrit word spelled y-a-j, which means to yoke. To yoke is synonymous with to unite. In a general sense, yoga is about union of. mind, body, and spirit. In this particular series we will start with breath work. Breath. work is essential in yoga. The breath moves the prana throughout the body. Prana is life. energy. The breath oxygenates the muscles and tissues of the body, and allows the flow. of energy throughout the meridians. Migraines can cause excrutiating pain. Then we will move to yoga warm-ups. Warm-ups are an. effective way to warm up the body and the muscles before our yoga postures.

We will begin from the head weight loss at home and pay attention to all the parts of the body. First, palms on the head & massage the head. Feel the skin on the head moving Massage with both the hands. If you are at home & your family still sleeping, wake them up and bring them for yoga. Now, massage your temples. The eyes, massage the eyes. If you watch a lot of TV or work on the computer, then massage your eyes more. Using your thumb, massage around the eyes around the eye sockets. Now, our cheeks. this will help prevent wrinkles & you will look younger. Go closer to the nose. Do not worry about your makeup !. Massage your face. Massage the throat area. Massage the ears. pull the ears & charge all the energy points on the ears. The jaw, move your jaw side to side. Clench your teeth together and breath in through your mouth and breath out from your nose. this exercise is really good for your teeth. Exercise your tongue - make the sound. Our neck and headache. Bring the ear close to the shoulders - from side to side. Look to the left and look to the right. Look up & look down. Neck rotations. bring your chin to the chest, breath in & rotate up to the right side breathing out bring head down to the left side. breathing in from the right & breathing out from the left. Change the direction in slow movements, breathing in from the left & breathing out to the right. Gently rotate your neck and smile. Enjoy the movement. And relax.


Many people need to relax and today we're constantly going and Restorative Yoga, it. gives you that opportunity. We're always in constant motion even from the time we're just. a few weeks old in the womb, we're moving about. Our heart constantly goes, our breath. constantly goes and we just need time to unwind and Restorative Yoga is a great way to calm. the nervous system and that outer stillness will start to cultivate some inner stillness,. stillness of thoughts, stillness of body, and allow you to relax. Restorative is great. for women who are pregnant. Various postures are recommended for those women. It will be. best to consult your doctor as well as a prenatal yoga teacher. Also Restorative's can be great. for those in high stress jobs. At the end of the day, each of the following clips you. can take what you need and leave the rest. You can do a whole series and a whole guided. relaxation. There's a lot of resources on the internet that can give you guided meditations. and relaxations and play some relaxing music, light some candles and enjoy.



Stay True To Your Weight Loss

Posted by afterburnfuel on July 9, 2013 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

What's up guys? We are here today to talk about one of the most popular questions. that we get, which is how do I lose my belly fat. Interviewer So what do you think Mike?. Is it possible for people to lose only their bally fat? Mike Only their belly fat? Absolutely. not. This is why ab crunches and stuff like that is effective, because you can t just. get rid of the fat around your belly. There is no such thing as spot reduction, and a. lot of guys don t understand that, a lot of people don t, because if you talk to people. a lot of times they will say something like this. They will go, I want to go ahead -- and. I am happy with my arms, I am happy with my chest, I small go ahead and just lose the. midsection, this right there, my legs look fine, just right here. And I am like, well,. you can t really just do right there. Well, what do you mean? And it's like, no such thing. as spot reduction. Think about monster mass, when you see somebody who lost weight, most of. the time you notice that it s not like they took off their shirts and you are like, wow,. your abs look more defined. No, you see the weight loss actually in their face first.. Usually, somewhere around here, the double chin is up to this up here, the jaw line,. and stuff like that. And that s actually because they lost fat everywhere. So when they do. take of their shirt, will their stomach be flatter?

But so will their face and so will. their arms, chest, legs, and they will go down on the pant size and they lose fat everywhere.. So that s when you concentrate on losing belly fat, you actually have to concentrate on losing. fat everywhere, because that s the key. You can't just do it in your belly. Dan So you're. saying when people are doing  crunches, it's not taking the fat right from there and. burning it up? Mike No, because your body is not going to care about that you are doing. the crunches. It needs extra calories that it's going to take from everywhere including. your stomach. So key thing is you have to go ahead and do other things.

Our bodies weren. t made to look like fitness models. That s not our body and that s not what we were designed. to do. Our bodies were designed for one thing, survival, to live. If not so that this is. where we can go ahead and look like one of those people like magazines. So that s why. you are going to go ahead and just take all the fat from the abs so this way everybody. has perfect six packs. When your body needs extra calories and doesn t have it, then it's. going to go ahead and break down your fat and use that as fuel and vice versa. If your. body doesn t need the extra calories, it's not going to break down anything; especially. it has lot of extra food. So that s why if you want to go ahead and lose belly fat you. ve got to actually worry about forcing your body to burn extra calories and to go ahead. in need those extra calories. So this way your body has no choice, but to go ahead and. break down the fat in your stomach and also your arms, base, and everywhere. So not only. do you get a lean midsection, but you get a lean and ripped body in entire body, and. that s the key. Dan Exactly. I think probably one of the most pervasiveness, but that s. really important truth you have to accept if you want to lose your belly fat. So let. s talk about how do people really lose your belly fat and all the other fat in a body?

What's the key to that? Mike You ve got to drive up the metabolism in your body. You. ve got to force your body to need to use of more fuel, because if it doesn t then your. body has no reason to break down any fat. You ve got to remember, because our bodies. are built to survive and that s why our fat is there. Our fat is not there to this way,. it's not there for anything. It's there because when our body is on low on fuel and in needs. those extra calories it will break down the fat. But until it's never going to break it. down ever. So what you do? You have to go ahead to force you body to that, and how do. we do that? We do that by increasing your metabolism. That s why there is all this ring. about how metabolism is so important, because the metabolism is basically our way of explaining. why our body needs to go ahead and burn out more calories. That s our way of gauging that.. So we have to increase our metabolism. There are a few ways to do that. The first one is. the way you lift, heavy compound movements. Dan does those all day long. It may be one. exercise, but it burns a lot more calories than when I see someone does three exercises.. Why? Because he is using heavy weight, he is using compound movements. So this way he. is forcing multiple muscle groups to do work at one time. Think about it this way. Think. about somebody who is exercising and they use one muscle group, six pack shortcuts affiliate program let s say they use. two muscle groups versus let s says if Dan is exercising and he uses five muscle groups.. So you may do one exercise that uses two and Dan does an exercise that s does five. Well,. who is doing more work? Somebody who is using five muscle groups at one time or somebody. who is only using only two? Of course, the five.

So what happens? If your body does more. work it needs more calories. If it needs more calories and they ate the same amount of food,. exactly identical, well guess what, where is Dan s body going to get those extra calories. from? It has to break down its fat, which is why he is so lean, because he is forcing. his body to that. Somebody else who didn t do that and uses only two muscle groups, their. body has just no calories that they don t need to break down any body fat. Why? Because. their workouts are not intense enough. They are not doing heavy enough, they are not forcing. their body to need those calories. Dan Yeah. So the heavy compound exercise is like really. such important key and no body thinks about that as a way to lose weight. Mike No, they. think like I am not going to be a power lifter. Dan Exactly! Mike No, it's not like that.. Dan And we said in a few other videos too, but heavy compound exercises and increasing. metabolism, the reason why we can eat tons and tons of food and still stay lean. And. I really believe that those people who are trying to diet and stay lean through just. eating very, very low amount of calories. You can do that for a little while, but can. you really do that for the rest of your life? It's not the same thing. Mike If their body. is a plateau just like we talked about in another video when they diet their metabolism. just crashes and their body actually burns less calories when they diet. So at the end,. remember our main goal here is to force the bodies to burn more, not less. So it s a catch. . It doesn t work that way. Dan Exactly, and this has been one of the most important. thing you taught me. Once you increase your metabolism, very easily you become lean and. you don t have stress about your diet so much, which is great. Mike Yeah. Another key thing. to do is to increase your metabolism is keeping your rest times shorts. This is very tricky,. because when guys lift heavy they think, well, I am going to go ahead and lift heavy and. then I am going to sit here and relax for three to four minutes. So it can get all my. straight back because they are still thinking like a power lifter. The main goal is to go. ahead and push all those weight. No, the main goal is to go ahead and force body to use. as much calories as you can. So when you lift heavy that s where you're forcing your muscles. to do more work, it burns more calories. But when you go ahead and decrease your rest times. and make your rest times short, what you are doing now is to making your muscles to have. to work even harder, because your muscles worked hard and used up a lot energy. Before. you are able to go ahead and reload all that energy and recuperate all away, you go ahead. do another set keeping your rest times very low, and I mean anywhere from  maybe to. about  seconds, but at the same time you're still lifting heavy. So your rep rate may. start to drop down pretty quickly. It's okay as long as your form is okay. So you do that. force your muscles to do more work, short amount of time. That also keeps your heart. rate super high which also burns more calories and those two things are the key when it comes. to increasing your metabolism. Dan Exactly, yeah! I think that type of workout that we. do it combines the best aspects of strength training and also cardio too because your. heart rate is elevated the entire time and also another factor that a lot of guys don. t consider is that we are just doing a way more sets per minute in the gym.

A lot of. guys will go to the gym for half and hour and they will do maybe - sets and the rest. of time just spend talking whereas we can do like - sets. Sometimes we do drop sets. back-to-back. So you're just doing more work per minute. So you're going to get more results.. Mike That s actually a really good point. Sometimes when we don t have a lot time we've. got literally  minutes,  minutes to go ahead and work something, because we've got. to go but we still can get almost a full workout in - minutes. If you think about it, the. way the rest times are set up in about  minutes I can actually get in about  sets.. You can work your chest, you can work your biceps, you can work a whole muscle group,. and the time it takes somebody to go ahead and go to gym, put on their headphone, take. a sip of water, and they're walking on a treadmill to warm up, we are done already. So think. about it. Sometimes if we do workout for an hour, we did work than somebody spending two. days or three days working out, because we are able to get so much breaks because of. how short those rest times are. Dan Exactly! I remember this one time I was in a hotel. gym and it was going to close in ten minutes and I am like, man, what can I do in ten minutes. that s going to be effective? So I am like, okay, all I am going to do because there was. nothing there except a pull-up bar; I am going to do a  pull-ups with this little rest. time between sets as I can, and do a  pull-ups and that was like a really good workout. In. just  minutes with no equipment. So obviously that s not going to cut in long term but that. s how much more you can accomplish in the tie if you minimize the rest. Mike And I. bet you were pretty sore from that too. Dan Yeah. Mike So guys if you got  minutes. do  pull-ups. That s going to work I promise you that. But to get more tips you can check. out the website at and we have a whole - go there and whole bunch of. more information to go ahead and share with you to help you lose belly fat. Dan I would. definitely encourage you guys to check that out. We have a lot of information to exercise. nutrition, basically everything you need to know in losing your belly fat, getting really. lean, and getting those abs.

Fitness Is a Year Round Effort

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 I see a lot of comments and you all guys want to see some abs exercises. So. we are going to do it today. We are going to do a six-minute abs workout today; super. quick, no equipment, do it anywhere. So we are going to start off with reverse crunches.. This is really good for your lower abs because I see a lot of people going hey, how do I. get rid of that last bit of fat right there and let my abs show on the bottom. Well, this. one really targets those lower abs, we are going to do  reps of that. Then toe touches. are basically for more of your upper abs. We are going to do about  reps of those,. followed by plank. All of you guys should know what that is.

Regular plank works on. your entire abs and also on your entire core. We are going to hold that for  seconds.. Now we are going to do the whole thing, four rounds and we are not going to stop in between.. So there is no rest, we are just going to fly through it just like that, and it s going. to burn like crazy, you already know. So keep in mind guys, when you are working on abs,. you don t need to spend a lot of time on it. I see too many guys go in there and they spend. - minutes working on different types of crunches and all kinds of crazy a** abs workouts. and at the end they are like, well, how can my abs won t show. So remember, in order for. your abs to show, you ve got to get rid of that fat that s on top of it. These exercises. are really, really good for working on muscle in between, but if you still got that layer. of fat, no matter if you do four rounds or if we do  rounds of that, you are just going. to have your abs to be super sore but they are not going to pop out, you are going to. see them, you ve got to get rid of that fat.

So what I suggest to those, when you are doing. these workout, this is monster mass to do by itself, if you ve got -- you don t have. a lot of time to work out. So I now just want to do something really quick. Add some exercise. for abs or if you can do it at the end of your workout, at the end of some type of fat. burning workout, mingle those, don t forget is to burn that fat. I don t spend more than.  minutes on abs and I usually work on abs about every other day. To be honest with you. guys, most of the time I only spend about five minutes on abs; I do about three sets,. maybe about four sets total. So something like this is like really, really killer because. it s actually four sets and there are three exercises per set. So it s going to really. help. So let s get down to it.So I am going to use my cell phone to keep time on those. planks. All right, so let s go through reverse crunches. This is how you do reverse crunches.. Make sure you get the form right. So, reverse crunches are basically just like legs lifts.. So leg lifts are basically, you can put your hands right here and you ee people doing. it all time, you can just lift up your leg. So what happens a lot of times are leg lifts. is if your abs starts to get tired, you start to stretch your back. Notice right here, how. there is a gap with my back and you see a lot of guys do this. See how their back one. is up, they need to come back and they extend their back like this. So as your abs start. to get tired, you really are going to put a lot of stress on your lower back and a lot. of times, you are going to injure your lower back because there is too much stress here.. So the difference with reverse crunches is we are doing the same things except we are. going to keep our feet pointed out, feet together, knees together and a gap between your calves. and your inner hamstrings should be as tight as possible. And you know that s going to. start to open up a little bit as you get tired but it s okay; just try to keep it as tight. as possible. Your hands should be flat right here, so this way no matter when you come. down and you come back up, see how there is no gap in my back and even if your abs get. tired, it s really hard to do this because your legs don t have that much of weight to. really pull your back up. So it s a lot safer and it really targets your lower abs instead. of rotting your back and hurting your back.

All right, so  reps, let s do this. Oh,. another tip, when you are doing it, press down with your hands, you need to activate. your abs a lot more am feeling burning. already. All right, so now into toe touches, you don t got to go anywhere, feet up in the. air, you just got to reach for your toes. If you ve got long legs, better reach up as. much as you can. ,Oh, it s burning. All right, so now grab your. timer, I am going to have my timer for  seconds here, I am going to start, all right.. So we are just going to hold the plank right here. When you are holding a plank, just make. sure do not drop your butt like this; this is too much pressure on your back again and. you need to keep your butt slightly lifted. Ideally, if your body is flat like a board,. that s the perfect way of doing a plank. If you start to get tired, you can put your butt. up just a little bit, so it prevents your lower back taking a lot of the pressure. Too. many times, guys, people hurt their back because they are trying to work on abs, they hurt. their neck. All right, we are flying through this. Round one.That was a -All right, so our time around to be -- yeah,. if you ve been doing this workout, stay away from it. This is not just that. Yeah, that. was via Round , now I am feeling my abs like crazy. I know I am going to finish the other. two, but listen, that s the thing, guys; you don t have to work on your abs like crazy.. As long as you don t have a lot of a fat in your belly button or on your stomach, just. launch on your abs muscles, which not really everybody does. Your abs will show up. So. don t think so much about what type of abs exercises should I do, why type of this is. perfect. Just think about how can I get rid of that fat. Crunches aren t a way to get. rid of fat. They are really good for making abs stronger, to build the muscle. You are. having fat burning workouts.All right,. let s burn it. I ll try not to rest, but it s enough.Hey, let s put on the butt. What I get myself into. Okay, let s set this timer. up and go. All right, almost there, five more sets.

Yeah, he is staring at the clock because. it feels like it takes forever. All right, there you go. All right, last . I am so. glad. All right, ready, let s do this Legs feel. like they weigh a ton. All right, I am really, really feeling I am pissed. My abs are gone  All right, ten more All right, last  sit ups.. You guys who are watching and not doing the workout, man up, man, jump and find your computer. and do it with me. So you ve got six minutes, man, you can do it. All right, there you go.. Man, that was tough. So there you got it, man, six-minute abs workout. Killer routine. to do, by any means you do it by yourself. I mean if you do it by yourself any of the. workouts or to add on to any of the workout, perfect, perfect way to finish any workout.. So don t forget. Abs workouts work your abs muscles but they don t get rid of that fat.. Okay, if you ve got to get rid of that fat and if you want to learn how more get rid. of that fat and learn more about fat burning exercises, check out