Guide To Great Abs

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Fitness Tips for the Busy Family

You got one of these? Well, before you throw it away, make sure you watch last week's video because. I'm going to show you how you can do a lot more than your abs by adding afterburn fuel with this great workout program.

Thoroughly decompressed from last week's supplemental video. I appreciate your feedback, guys, and understanding where the passion comes from. But it doesn't just end when it comes to supplements.
 As you guys know from week after week after. week we bring you the same kind of passion down here in the gym.. This time, I wanted to address something that I think...a reason that a lot of guys don't. work out, or from what I'm told, is they don't have proper equipment. They don't have everything. they need to work out, and as you guys who already have the Insane Home Fat Loss program know, I'm. a big believer in bringing the workout to you. Alright? There's no instance where you. can't perform a workout, and I'm talking top-level workouts, with just what you have at your. disposal.. So, sometimes you have to get a little bit more creative, and I think that's what we do.

Today's going to be another example because what I. have with me is something that a lot of you may have, you might have picked it up somewhere. along the way, whether through an infomercial or just a stop at a WalMart and you felt tempted. to want to buy one, after all they're only about  bucks...this is the ab workout.. Now, it's misnamed as far as I'm concerned because what you think is that it just does. ab exercises when in actuality, if you put a little soft touch to it, this can be. a lot more. So, what I want to do is show you just a few of the ways that you can turn. this ab program into a total body workout.. As promised always, I will give you some awesome new ab exercises in this workout, too, for. those of you that have already mastered the ab roller for what it is used for. This is the set up here. You got your ab roller, you've got band. Right here on the axle, you put the band right around the middle and that's it.. Whether or not you have this thing anchored up here to a pull-up bar first or that you. have it anchored down below, as you're going to see with all the exercises here, it all. works the same. Once you have it anchored, take the loose end, put it around the axle,. you're good to go.So, there you have it, another excuse down the drain, the no equipment excuse just doesn't. hold up. Why is that? Because, as I said, with the right workout program, you should. be able to do your workouts anywhere.

As you guys know who have been following me for any length of time, or for those guys who already have flat abs, you know that I went to great lengths to make sure that you. could do the workout where you wanted to do it. Ok?. In a gym, or at home, and if I had to bring the creativity to you to allow you to do that,. then that's my job as a coach to do it, and I think we have.. With that being said, anybody that buys theprogram or already has it, you'll. find in your package there something we call 'The Replacements" where I take things that. you probably long ago have thrown out, things like maybe the ab side, or SlidingDiscs,. or replacement for a TRX, I show you how to make them at home very very inexpensively.. Or just take things that are being used for something else like a Tupperware container,. and I show you how you can do all your workouts with these things.. So, don't ever let that equipment excuse become an excuse. Alright? We want to make sure that. you're doing your workout so that you can look your best especially now with summer. just around the corner..

If you guys found this information helpful, make sure you thumb it up, and make sure you share. as well with other people. Again, I'm sure you know somebody who has one of those or. you might have one yourself. I'll see you guys back here in  days.